Special Services

Cedar Creek Pet Resort Offers Special Services

Our team at Cedar Creek Pet Resort offers a full line of specialty services for your pets. Including but not limited to, breeder referral programs, spa day, specialized baths, makeovers and massage.

Does your pet need a "Spa Day?"

Is your pet starting to feel old and achy or maybe just a little cranky?

Do you have a pet in need of a special treat?
Try Spa Day: It's an invigorating experience that will have your pet begging to come back for more!

There are many benefits to Spa Day:
* Healthier Skin and Coat
* Relaxed Muscles
* Soothed Joints
* Calming

We feature:
* Specialized Baths
* Your choice of medicated shampoos, aroma therapy, or flea bath.

Or maybe your pet is ready for a new look, or perhaps just needs a trim? Our groomers can give your pet the right look.

A trained specialist will massage the aches and pains away or relax a tensed up pooch.
(appointments are required.)

Wednesday and Friday
9:00am - 3:00pm
Everything Included........$65.00

Individually Priced
(Bath,nailtrim and ear cleaning included with makeover)

Makeover fees will increase for matted and double coated dogs.
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